Vital statistics
Species name Triceratops horridus
Triceratops prorsus
Attributes Fairly large, large colourful frill, long horns over eyes, shorter third horn on nose, bony beak
Diet Vegetation; ferns, plants, small trees and shrubs, tough foliage
Area range North America
Temporal range Late Cretaceous
68-65 million years ago
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals Theo
First appearance WWD: Death of a Dynasty (carcass only)
PP: T-Rex Returns
Latest appearance PP: Supercroc (cameo)
Dead Triceratops WWD06
Walking with Dinosaurs image

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Death of a DynastyEdit

The Tyrannosaurus rex can be seen eating from the carcass of a dead Triceratops.

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Main article: Theo.

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Triceratops image gallery.

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