Tapejara near blowhole
A bizarre crested pterosaur
Vital statistics
Attributes Medium grey pterosaur, males with large red crests on back of head
Diet Other animals, fish
Fossil finds Brazil
Temporal fossil range Early Cretaceous
108 million years ago
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Tapejara image gallery.

Tapejara were medium pterosaurs that lived on the coasts of Brazil during the Early Cretaceous period.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Tapejara were medium sized pterosaurs with generic dull grey bodies. Their most striking feature, however, was the large crest on their heads; bright red and very large, it was used during displays. Females had no use for such a crest, so they retained a small, dull ridge on their heads instead.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Tapejara behaved very much like seabirds, nesting on steep cliffs near seas off the coasts of Brazil. Like seabirds, they were very social and vocal animals, communicating via a variety of screeches and honks, making them sound much like seagulls.

Like Ornithocheirus, Tapejara males gathered in large groups to compete against each other for the rights to mate with females. Displays were non-aggressive, with the animals using their crests; a bigger, flashier crest meant more chance of getting a female. Individuals who had display spots away from the main group were also less likely to mate.

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Giant of the SkiesEdit

The male Ornithocheirus lands in Brazil, on a seaside cliff formation, amongst a vast colony of Tapejara who are competing against each other for females. One Tapejara gets left away from the others, near a large blowhole, and does find a mate.

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Tapejara image gallery.

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