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Phorusrhacos paddock
Vital statistics
Parent locations Prehistoric Park
Sub locations
Inhabitants One terror bird
Production information
First appearance Prehistoric Park: Saving the Sabre Tooth (mentioned only)
Prehistoric Park: Supercroc
Latest appearance Prehistoric Park: Supercroc

The Phorusrhacos paddock is a paddock in Prehistoric Park, and is home to the Phorusrhacos Nigel Marven brought back from the Pliocene.

The enclosure is a mixture of sandy and dusty plains, prairie, and forest.

The terror bird paddock is composed also of sandy grassland due to the birds need to dust bathe. The fences were tall but did not go deep enough into the ground, so the bird undermined it when digging dust-bathing holes.

It was broken during the mass escape and supposedly rebuilt with fence posts buried four feet deep.

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