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Ambulocetus prop 01

The following is a transcript of New Dawn.

Narration: For 160 million years, the dinosaurs ruled this world...
Narration: While living in their shadows were a group of animals which couldn't have been more different. These were our ancestors - small furry creatures called mammals, clinging to safety wherever they could.
Narration: But the mammals' time would come.
Narration: 65 million years ago, volcanic activity started to poison the atmosphere.
Narration: The last dinosaurs were already living on a sick planet when their nemesis arrived... from space.
Narration: A meteor 10 kilometres wide slammed into Earth  to mark the end of the reign of dinosaurs.
[crashes and explosions]
Narration: This series is about what happened next.
Narration: The survivors of the extinction all had one thing in common - their size. Nearly every animal over 10 kilograms had been wiped out. leaving a world of little creatures. Among them were the mammals.
Narration: This is a female Leptictidium. She is a metre long and a common sight in the forests of 50 million years ago. Her kind have survived virtually unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs.