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A marine reptile is any reptile which has taken to living a marine life, either completely or partially. Marine reptiles prospered mainly during the Mesozoic.

Most marine reptiles haul themselves onto land in order to give birth - there are only a small amount which give birth in the water.

List of marine reptilesEdit


Most crocodilians are at least semi-aquatic. Larger species include Deinosuchus and Sarcosuchus, though there were many others - Proterosuchus, Metriorhynchus, an African species, and Saltwater crocodiles.


Turtles are almost completely aquatic. Sea turtles are the most common, and Archelon is a very large prehistoric species.


Plesiosaurs were a family of marine reptiles from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Widespread, they were most succesful around Europe. Like most marine reptiles, most plesiosaurs beached themselves in order to give birth.

The plesiosaur family included Cryptoclidus and Elasmosaurus, as well as powerful pliosaurs like Liopleurodon and an unidentified species.


Ichthyosaurs were a family of Mesozoic marine reptiles. More like fish than any other marine reptile, they gave birth in water.

Species included the giant Cymbospondylus, and Ophthalmosaurus.


Tanystropheus and Nothosaurs are two distinct kinds of Triassic marine reptile.