Eremotherium browsing LOWRES
Giant Ground Sloth
Vital statistics
Attributes Large, shaggy brown hair, long claws
Diet Shrubs and trees
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Pleistocene
Other names
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Giant Ground Sloth (Eternal Frontier) image gallery.
The sloth is vulnerable. And man will be quick to exploit its innocent nature.

Monsters we Met, Eternal Frontier

This unidentified Giant Ground Sloth is a North American species of large ground sloth, related to the famous Megatherium.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

This sloth was physically very similar to the closely related Megatherium, but a little slimmer and sleeker, with a less stocky build.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The ground sloth was a slow moving browsing animal, eating from the branches of trees. It was well suited to snow, and did not suffer in the North American ice ages until humans appeared.

Unfamiliar with the new species, the sloth did not know to run or fight, making them slow and easy targets for hunters with spears.

In Monsters we MetEdit

The Eternal FrontierEdit

A single sloth is browsing the trees in the snow when a pair of humans come across it. Having never seen such an animal before, the humans are wary, but refrain from attacking. Amazed, they move closer to watch it, and the sloth, having studied them for a moment, decides they are not a danger.

Another group of humans approach from the opposite direction; hunters wielding spears. The original humans hide, and watch as the sloth is ambushed and killed. Seemingly horrified, the pair flee.

Image galleryEdit


Giant Ground Sloth (Eternal Frontier) image gallery.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wikipedia use to identify the animal as an Eremotherium.[1]Eremotherium is mentioned in Monsters we Met: Man's Battle with Prehistoric Animals, but so is Megatherium. Both are mentioned near an image of the ground sloth from the episode, making positive identification difficult. However the American version identifies it as Paramylodon (Harlan's Ground Sloth) meaning this ground sloth is most likely the one shown.

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