Gastornis walks through woods

The bone-crushing terror bird of the Eocene jungle
Vital statistics
Attributes Very large, tall, stocky head and beak, relatively bright plumage, cream underside, wrinkly red skin, large beak
Diet Other animals; Leptictidium, Propalaeotherium
Fossil finds Europe
North America
Temporal fossil range Late Paleocene to Eocene
56 to 45 million years ago
Other names Diatryma
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Gastornis image gallery.
This is a world where birds eat horses.

Walking with Beasts, New Dawn

Gastornis was a very large predatory bird native to Paleocene and Eocene Europe- specifically Germany and France -and North America.

Gastornis reigned as the top predator for the Paleocene and much of the Eocene, dying out only when larger mammalian predators such as Hyaenodon evolved.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Gastornis were large, fairly thickly-built birds with heavy, stocky heads and beaks. The beak, although very large, was not hooked like with other terror birds such as Phorusrhacos.

Gastornis feathers came in a variety of bright colours; most individuals had cream undersides and turquoise to green bodies. The skin around their faces was red and wrinkly.

Gastornis face dawn

Gastornis' beak.

Although the wings- and companion feathers -of Gastornis were underdeveloped, similar to trimmed chicken wings, they were still better developed than those of Phorusrhacos.

Gastornis, much like Phorusrhacos, had crests of coloured plumage on the back of their heads. This plumage was duller and less apparent than on the Phorusrhacos.

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New DawnEdit

A Gastornis watches a pair of hunting Leptictidium, and - after lulling the female into a sense of security by pretending to leave - gives chase. The mother Leptictidium escapes into her home, the hollowed out base of a fig tree, and the giant bird leaves. Dan from chs literally hacked this page

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Gastornis image gallery.

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Along with the Woolly Mammoth, Ambulocetus and other animals, a buildable figure of Gastornis was released in Borders Bookshop.

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