Edaphosaurus prepares to sit, WWMEP02

Vital statistics
Attributes Medium-sized; fairly tall sail; green to grey; similar to Dimetrodon
Diet Vegetation
Fossil finds Europe
Temporal fossil range Permian
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Edaphosaurus image gallery.
Amazingly, these strange sail-backs are related to us.

Walking with Monsters, Reptile's Beginnings.

Edaphosaurus was a species of herbivorous social reptile from Permian Europe. It was the main prey item of Dimetrodon.

Edaphosaurus was one of the first large reptiles to dominate the landscape, and it is thanks to them that later mammals have control over their own body temperature.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Edaphosaurus looked fairly similar to Dimetrodon; a large bodied animal with short legs, a long tail and a sail. However, it also had notable differences. The sail was a slightly different shape, as if it were pulled forward, and the head was far smaller.

Edaphosaurus were usually grey to green in colour, with white stripes. The sail was usually orange, but could drastically change colour if blood was flushed into it.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Edaphosaurus were highly social herbivorous animals, living in vast herds across the plains of Permian Europe.

The sail of Edaphosaurus was used for a form of sophisticated body temperature control. Having the sail face the sun would warm the sluggish reptiles up, whilst hiding it from the sun would cool them down. They would also flush blood into their sails to create an eye pattern when in danger, e.g., when being attacked by a Dimetrodon. This pattern was also used by playing youngsters.

Edaphosaurus were the primary prey animals of Dimetrodon, a related reptile and top predator of the time.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Reptile's BeginningsEdit

The bellows of Edaphosaurus are heard in multiple scenes.

Edaphosaurus is first show having evolved from the Carboniferous Petrolacosaurus, and is shown to dominate the hills and plains of Permian Germany. They are noted to be slow and sluggish in the morning, and the temperature control functions of the sail is shown.

Edaphosaurus herd fading writing, WWMEP02

A large herd of Edaphosaurus.

The Edaphosaurus herd is stalked by a pregnant female Dimetrodon. Wanting to avoid injury, she targets a youngster, and does a mock charge to disperse the herd. The Edaphosaurus all flush blood into their sails, making eye patterns, to distract the Dimetrodon, but she sees through their ploy, and runs down and kills the youngster.

The next Spring, the Edaphosaurus herd sunbathe below the conifer trees, shading their sails from sunlight in order to avoid overheating. By Summer, the surviving youngsters have grown, and test their strength by chasing each other.

Behind the scenesEdit

An Edaphosaurus appears in Primeval, in Connor Temple's creature database. The image used for the Edaphosaurus is an image from Walking with Monsters.

A small, red image of Edaphosaurus appears near the bottom of the spine on the DVD of Walking with Monsters. It also features prominently in the series' opening credits, with the logo appearing on the reptile's sail.

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