This page is about Crocodylomorpha as a whole, from the Early Triassic to present genuses. They are here referred to as crocodilians for simplicity.
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Crocodilians are a long-lived group of reptiles, occassionally marine, with an almost cosmopolitan range. First evolving in the Triassic, they survived the K-T Extinction into the Holocene.

List of crocodiliansEdit

True crocodiliansEdit


True crocodiles are the most numerous of the true crocodilians. They include African Nile crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, and the slightly larger Australian saltwater crocodiles.


Alligators are more robust than true crocodiles, with a less diverse range. They include the largest crocodilian of all time, the Late Cretaceous Deinosuchus.


Marine crocodiliansEdit

Marine crocodilians were crocodilians that took to the sea, mostly during the Jurassic. Metriorynchus was a small marine crocodilian from England.

Early crocodiliansEdit

The first crocodylomorphs lived in the Triassic; true crocodilians evolved in the Early Cretaceous. Triassic crocodilomorphs included Proterosuchus; Early Cretaceous crododilians included Sarcosuchus, which rivalled Deinosuchus in size.