Creodont at lakeside

Vital statistics
Attributes Medium sized, dull brown and white fur, long tail, short stocky head
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds Germany
Temporal fossil range Eocene
Approx. 55 million years ago
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances
Creodont (New Dawn) image gallery.
At night, a whole different cast of animals comes down to the waters edge.

Walking with Beasts, New Dawn

This unidentified Creodont was a semi-arboreal species of creodont, related to animals such as Hyaenodon, native to the Eocene woodlands of Germany.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The creodont was physically identical to the Oligocene's Bear Dog, with a short head, doglike body and face, and a very long, slender tail.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The creodont was a small nocturnal predator, generally coming out to hunt only at night. It was capable of climbing trees to find prey.

In Walking with BeastsEdit

New DawnEdit

Upon nightfall, a lone creodont awakens and approaches the lake to drink, unaware of a male Ambulocetus waiting below, ready to ambush. The creodont showing up alerts the mating Godinotia.

As it drinks, the Ambulocetus leaps from the water, grabs the animal in its jaws, and swiftly retreats back into the lake with its prey. The creodont briefly manages to escape, and attempts to swim away, but is soon caught in the Ambulocetus' jaws again.

Image galleryEdit


Creodont (New Dawn) image gallery.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The creodont uses the exact same model as the Bear Dog featured in the Walking with Beasts episode Land of Giants.

In New Dawn, the creodont is referred to simply as a 'small predator'; it is named as a creodont in Walking with Beasts: A Prehistoric Safari.

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