The swamp monster
Vital statistics
Attributes Massive head with long jaws; tiny limbs; fish-like
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds Scotland
Temporal fossil range Late Carboniferous
Other names Swamp Monster
Crassigyrinus scotticus
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Prehistoric Park: The Bug House
Crassigyrinus image gallery.
Crassigyrinus hasn't got a common name, but I'm gonna call this - look - the Swamp Monster!

Nigel Marven,
Prehistoric Park: The Bug House

Crassigyrinus was a species of predatory amphibian from Carboniferous Scotland.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Physically more like a fish than an amphibian, Crassigyrinus had a large, heavy head with a long jaw, enabling it to open its mouth very wide. The top jaw had a double row of many teeth, whilst the bottom jaw had only a regular single row.

The body of Crassigyrinus was long and sinuous, with a long, finned tail. The hind limbs, although conservative, were visible, whilst the front limbs were effectively defunct.

Crassigyrinus, as an amphibian, had slimy skin incapable of holding water. The skin was orange with some black patches.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

A specialised ambush predator, Crassigyrinus was a totally aquatic animal which lurked in the shallows of the Carboniferous Scottish swamps. Although it's primary prey was smaller fish and amphibians, it would not hesitate to take on animals far larger than itself.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

The Bug HouseEdit

Nigel holding Crassigyrinus

Nigel holding the Crasigyrinus.

A Crassigyrinus stalks Nigel Marven throughout the muggy coal swamps of what will become Scotland. It first attacks him as he goes to catch a Meganeura, causing him to loose the dragonfly. He does not see the culprit, as the Crassigyrinus swims off, perhaps realising that humans are too large to be viable prey.

Later on, after Nigel succesfully captures a Meganeura using a water pistol, the Crassigyrinus circles around him. He notices it this time, and grapples with it in the water before hauling it into the air. Wanting to take a better look, he takes it into the shallows to examine it, where he is almost bitten once again. With no way of transporting an aquatic animal, and nowehere in the park to keep it, Nigel reluctently lets it go, nicknaming it "the Swamp Monster".

Behind the scenesEdit

The CGI model of Crassigyrinus appears for only a few moments in The Bug House, with the animatronic being seen for most of the shots.

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