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Cave Bear
the cave bear
Vital statistics
Attributes Large; dark brown; heavier build than normal bear; identical to large, dark grizzly
Diet Carrion, fruit, other animals
Fossil finds Europe
Temporal fossil range Middle to Early Holocene
0.25 to 0.010 million years ago[note 1]
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Prehistoric Park: A Mammoth Undertaking
Ice Age Giants: Land of the Cave Bear
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Nigel can't rescue every endangered animal he finds. So this time, he lets sleeping bears lie.

Prehistoric Park, A Mammoth Undertaking

The cave bear was a species of fairly large omnivorous bear native to Europe during the Pleistocene ice age.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The cave bear was physically almost identical to a common brown bear of modern times. They were about the size of the very largest brown bears, and were stockier and heavier.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Despite its aggressive appearance, the cave bear was a generally non-aggressive omnivore, usually eating grasses and berries instead of other animals. It would usually only attack when disturbed in its hibernation.

Cave bears, as the name implies, spent much of their time in caves, especially in the winter months, when hibernation was necessary.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

A Mammoth UndertakingEdit

Searching a woodland in the Pleistocene for a woolly mammoth, Nigel Marven investigates a cave to see what was inside it. He finds a cave bear- an animal he had believed to be already extinct -and it chases him and the cameraman, who drops the camera.

It is later shown that Nigel had climbed up a tree to escape the bear, whilst the cameraman escapes on foot and looses Nigel. After regrouping, they observe the animal foraging for berries, and Nigel remarks that he can't take it back to the park with him, and must leave it for extinction.

In Ice Age GiantsEdit

Land of the Cave BearEdit

Bear vs lion IAG

Cave bear sizing up the lion.

A cave bear attempts to find a place to rear her cub and hibernate, and, after foraging, comes to a perfect cave up in the mountains.

A cave lion stalks a reindeer, but does not catch it. Driven by hunger and desperation, it heads into the mountains and finds a cave. It smells as meal, and enters- navigating by smell and hearing alone. However, in the cave, the lion finds a cave bear with a cub, which fights the cat off and kills it with a savage bite to the neck.

Behind the scenesEdit

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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. According to Prehistoric Park; the bear is found 10,000 years ago in the episode.