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Arthropods are armoured invertebrate animals with exoskeletons.

List of arthropodsEdit


Anomalocaris is a unique Cambrian arthropod, and the worlds first top predator, as well as one of the first animals to evolve eyes.

Trilobites are extremely abundant and unique arthropods.


Multiple giant and small arachnids have evolved. Brontoscorpio of the Silurian was a giant underwater scorpion. Mesothelae of the Carboniferous was a giant spider, and the Giant Scorpion of that same era was a large terrestrial scorpion. Regular scorpions are also around.

Sea scorpionsEdit

Sea Scorpions are a type of eurypterid arthropod from the Ordovician and Silurian. Megalograptus and Pterygotus are true sea scorpions, whilst Brontoscorpio, a regular scorpion adapted for a marine lifestyle, is informally called a sea scorpion.


Meganeura and Arthropleura are two giant arthropods that lived during the Carboniferous time period. Following the end of the Carboniferous, the Giant Ant of the Eocene was the only giant arthropod to evolve.

Small insects life bark beetles and fleas lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous. Regular dragonflies have survived since the Carboniferous.