Anomalocaris devours Trilobite, WWMEP01

The world's first super-predator
Vital statistics
Attributes Medium sized; flexible lobes running down sides; eyes on stalks; disc-shaped mouth; strange mouth appendages; two long appendages on rear
Diet Other animals
Fossil finds North America
Temporal fossil range Cambrian
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This is Anomalocaris. Earth's first super-predator.

Walking with Beasts, Water Dwellers.

Anomalocaris is a species of bizarre arthropod from the Cambrian period, and one of the first animals to evolve eyes.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Anomalacaris were fairly slow predators, swooping down over their armoured seabed prey and tearing them apart. Common prey items are trilobites, which are abundant in the oceans of the Cambrian.

The prey would be grabbed with Anomalocaris' "feeding appendages", and then forced into the strange circular mouth.

Anomalacaris were not social animals - if two males meet, they will fight until one backs down. This fighting includes headbutting and slamming. Another common fighting strategy is for one Anomalocaris to grab the other from above and break its armour.

As some of the first eyed animals, the vision of Anomalocaris was basic. They had vision like a fly's, seeing things in hexagonal patches - although with Anomalocaris, things were not multiplied.

In Walking with MonstersEdit

Water DwellersEdit

In the shallow coastal waters, a Trilobite is ambushed by an Anomalocaris, and is torn apart and eaten.

The Anomalocaris passes two others of its kind. These two begin to fight, grabbing each other from above with their tendrils. Eventually, one manages to bend and snap the others armour.

The loser Anomalocaris swims away, but its injury has made it vulnerable - a shoal of tiny Haikouichthys attack it. Haikouichthys are the very first backboned animals, making them faster and more agile than the invertebrates, and enabling them to scavenge flesh and dart away unharmed.

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